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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  September 17, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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having met the ambassador. and san jose's police chief explains his reasons for stepping down. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. bay area news at 7:00. . good evening. it's monday september 17th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. happening now activists take to the streets in droves marking the one-year anniversary of the occupy wall street pictures. these are live pictures between california and sacramento in san francisco where several hundred demonstrators gathered outside the wells fargo bank. take a look at this picture. they are pacing their message in the street using yellow paint there saying dem si not death. organizers have invited people to bring their debt papers to site and tear them up at this
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rally. >> earlier the protesters marched from justin herman plaza to the bank of america on market street blocking traffic at the height of rush hour. this demonstration is one of several events focussed on economic inequality with occupy activists placing the blame largely on big banks. >> the financers have stolen the american economy. they have completely ruaned it for the rest of the american people. activists with occupy bernal rallied at the war memorial building to celebrate their successes in fighting foreclosures. ok pyres outside the federal reserve state their nearly year-long vigil kept live discussions about corporate influence. . more details now at least one political expert says the occupy movement has been effective in changing the national dialogue. >> for the first time since the 1930s in this country, there is a political debate about social
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and economic equality. >> flor is rosenthal compared occupy to the tea party movement saying both emerged from fears brought on by the economic downturn. another political scientist we spoke with agrees that occupy has helped set the agenda this political year. it says the movement has lost momentum for several reasons including police crackdowns and too much attention on some of the quote flakier elements of the movement. new at 7:00 a vigil is underway in san francisco right now to honor the u.s. ambassador killed in libya last week. people tell her the moderate majority has the power to silence extremists. janet. >> that's right, gasia. the vigil just started. you can hear them singing the star spang ld banner. they have been handing out these fliers with the picture of the ambassador and lighting candles. he graduated in 1989 before some of these students were even born but tonight they came here to honor him.
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>> chris stevens was graduate from the class of 1989 and tonight on campus people lit candles to honor the late 52-year-old ambassador. a protest that continued to erupt around the world against the u.s. and the california film maker whose anti-islam film on you tube offends so many muslims. in afghanistan burned the u.s. flag and images of president obama. in pakistan the prime minister ordered the suspension of you tube. and in lebanon, thousands protested with the leader. some bay area muslim leaders say the moderate majority should speak peace, reflection and deeper level of understanding. >> so i think it's important for us to see that the extremists do not represent the totality of those committed and those who have put this video out, this film that is despicable, do not represent the best ideas of the american society. >> those at tonight's vigil hope to continue ambassador steven's mission.
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>> i just want to make sure they know that there's other people out there that respected his work. >> to be dedicated to public service for an entire career, that's the highest calling that a lawyer can have. >> tonight at this vigil, people will be hearing from stevens former professors and classmates as well as some of the students and many of them just hoping to continue his mission of peace through words not violence. . a bomb shell today in san jose after just 18 months on the job, police chief chris moore abruptly announced his retirement. tells us what he says led to this decision. >> hi, everybody. >> san jose police chief chris moore walk introod a packed news conference with the smile. the 54-year-old has been with the department for 27 years but now says he wants to spend more time with his family. >> there's never a good time and never a bad time. it's just the right time and for
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me apparently today is the right time. >> his announcement comes after an onslaught of violence in the last month gang shootings. there have been complaints about not enough officers on the streets. last year the chief had to lay 65 officers. one of the factors prompting the exit of officer social security a battle over pension reform. >> clearly our scenario here what we're facing has something to do with it. i've been disappointed that we weren't able to get some things done through negotiation that, i think, prap is wish we had. >> the president of the police officer's union says whoever takes the position next will have a challenge dealing with the mayor and city council. >> it's been a dismal picture for awhile and it's getting worse. the chief leaving i think is probably in his own way him standing with the troop sgls the mayor did not attend but says is sad to see the chief leave. >> until we reach a point where we have some additional money that we can spend on hiring more
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officers, it's going to be a frustrating sglob the city manager will begin a nationwide search for a new chief immediately. moore's last day will be january 31st of next year. . the oakland police department is welcoming a new batch of future officers for the first time in four years the department started a new police academy class today. the 55-neighbor group were selected out of 2300 applicants. they're expected to graduate in january. the department says its current staffing is the lowest it's been in a decade. . there were some tense moments in a concord neighborhood today as a stand off with a wanted fugitive ended with gunfire. neighbors were briefly told to shelter in place after 8:00 this morning as officer responded to a home on lexington road. police tell us the suspect was in the driveway when they arrive and had we're told the suspect threatened officers. they say he was armed and refused to cooperate so they opened fire. the man was wound and had
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retreated back into the house. >> called in and while they were out in front of the home along with our patrol officers, the -- the offender crawled out of the home and gave himself up in the front yard. >> authorities -- authorities say the suspect who has not been identified was awake and alert as he was arrest and had taken away in an ambulance. uc berkeley police are warning students about sis solicitors on campus. officers say someone selling magazines on campus coarsed a 20-year-old student to go to a campus atm and withdraw $400 from her bank account. the woman felt intimidated and threatened and police are investigating it as a possible robbery. authorities say if anyone else has had a similar experience should come forward. . the family of a san mateo man who went missing on a cross-country train trip is in nebraska tonight searching for clues. they're hoping someone saw the
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69-year-old retired firefighters. dowd was last seen by a conductor on friday appearing disoriented. the family says dowd did not have dementia wu does take medications that could cause confusion. working to identify a body found on railroad tracks in ve knee sha today. this video shows police and union pacific officials at the scene just north of the lake herman road and i-680 interchange. a train operator reported hitting something, but it's not clear if the person had died after being run over by the train. an autopsy is being scheduled for tomorrow or wednesday. . apple shares hit a new high today after announcing a rush of preorders for its latest iphone. apple reports receiving more than 2 million preorders for the iphone 5 during the first 24 hours it was offered. that's twice as many as preorders for the iphone 4s when it debuted last year. . well, the hoopla has already begun. while the iphone 5 doesn't go on sale till friday, lines have
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already started forming at the apple store in new york city. a new record high today. apple closed just under $700 and has been trading above that level after hours. . in a broader market, stocks some of the recent gained back. dow industrial lost 40 points. nasdaq fell 5. weak manufacturing numbers contributed to the slide. . google is upping the ante against facebook with a purchase of photoediting and photosharing service. the company said today it snapped up from san diego based. no word on the price but analysts say it could fire up competition between google plus and facebook with snap seed going head to head with facebook's instagram. a bay area analyst today placed unrest and economic problems far from home for elevated gas prices here in the u.s.. according to triple a the average price for a gallon of regular gas nationwide was 3.86 today. that is up 14 cents from one month again.
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the uc berkeley economist says the spike in prices is due partly to supply concerns. >> the situation in the middle east, the potential for problems in the united states leads to another recession and probably the greater potential for major problems. . >> said one factor in the mideast affecting gasoline supply is i ran's nuclear development and the potential response from israel. after weeks of anticipation shell oil announced today it is officially scaling back plans to drill for oil off the alaska coast. after reaching 1400 feet beneath the sea floor and then seal the hole until next year. the announcement comes in the wake of several mishaps including work delays, administrative setbackss and most recently the failure of one of the well's systems. swept up in a marijuana raid today.
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made the bust at a small farm south of elk road. the agents say they discovered at least a thousand marijuana plants deep inside a corn field. they say they also found dried marijuana and packing material in oo barn on the property. when the agents showed up, some suspects jumped out of windows. others ran into the field. 20 people were brought in for questioning. . a san francisco husband says he's on a mission to get the city to maintain its streetcars. we'll show you how these cameras and this video may help him get justice for his wife. . students in the bay area school damaged by fire returned to class. what happened in recent days that brought a community together. and i'm back here at 7:20. temperatures dipped big time today. i'll show you how cool they'll get tonight for your wednesday morning
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. an anonymous call cross-claiming explosives were on board two commercial jets triggered a quick reaction this afternoon at jfk airport in new york. the two claimed one, an american airlines flight from san francisco, the other a finnair flight from helsinki landed around noon our time without incident. both planes were searched, passengers interviewed, and no explosives were found. a man whose wife was injured in an accident is now going the extra mile to prove it wasn't her fault. he searched for answer before finding surveillance video that seems to prove his point. >> lunchtime friday afternoon, august 3rd, a white car pulled up behind a bus at market and 1st. you see it stops a few seconds later and trolley crashes into it from behind. were in that car sandwiched between two city vehicles. . >> she was locked inside the
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car. >> according to this police report the trolley operator said the white car stopped in front of me. i hit my brakes, but it didn't stop. >> he walked all around the financial district looking for any evidence that his wife was in the right and then bingo he looked up and saw that surveillance camera. >> that's when he obtained this video showing his wife car stopped in the intersection before the trolley slammed into it. this proves it was stroll lee driver error or that the brakes didn't work. >> in the future do something. i know people need transportation but if keeps happening like this, someone is going to be dead. >> the spokesperson says there are several lawsuits pending in this case. the legal counsel has advised us not to counsel. he says his wife is in treatment for shoulder and back pain and suffers short-term memory loss. in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. now in sonoma county where 2700 pounds of sand spilled on the side of the road.
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authorities closed down the road for several hours. the driver of the big rig lost control of the rear trailer and the entire rig overturned about 8:40 this morning. adobe road reopened about noon after the was removed and crews had cleaned up all that sand. republican presidential candidate mitt romney spent part of his day making in -- romney spoke to the chamber of commerce. the candidate accused president obama of playing politics and pursuing a temporary measure that waives deportation for immigrants. romney says he pursued folks permanent reform and push policies that helps small businesses. as for president obama he campaigned in the swing state of ohio. the president made stops in cincinnati and in columbus. he said the administration is fighting back against unfair trade practices in china that cost the u.s. thousands of auto jobs. president obama says mitt romney's old company champions
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outsourcing and that romney's tax policy favors overseas projections. to be sentenced next month for thousands of sex abuse convictions. the 68-year-old sandusky faces a sentence that could be hundreds of years long. in june he was convicted of 45 counts of sex abuse involving ten boys. prior to the october 9th sentencing, the judge is expected to determine whether sandusky should be classified as a sexually violent predator. whether to stop publication of photos showing the duchess of cam bridge topless. printed pictures last week showing kate middleton sunbathing without a bathing suit top south of france. the magazine printing more to have photos. . the girlfriend of the late artist thomas kinkade is going to have to pay steep rent to
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stay in his mansion. appeared in san jose superior court today. reporting pinto agreed to pay $11,000 a month to rent the home. pinto is in a legal fight with kinkade's estranged wife over the artist's. pinto claims the artist left his home and art to her. . students returned to an elementary school today less than week week after a devastating fight there. getting the school up and running really helps bring a community together. >> students were all smiles heading back to class after a few unexpected days off. last week an electrical fire spread through the school destroying an administration air gentleman and third grade classrooms. now the students will be moved to the computer lab instead. >> i think it's going to feel a little weird because i'm used to be in classroom. >> school officials made sure
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the damaged building was removed quickly and all evidence of the fire washed away. they say despite what happened, there will be room for everyone. >> it's a lot of shuffling that went on. over the last four days been a lot of strike that jiezing and come up with really good solutions. >> more than 100 parents came out over the weekend to help. >> that's a testament to our community. we have strong parent support here and the community has been awesome. >> the beachwood staff says they're eager to get back to class, too, but says it's important to talk to students about what happened. >> just to let them know that even though we've lost a lot, we still have each other, and, you know, we're going to be all right. >> the school already had plans for a big project this summer. they say now the need for new buildings is more urgent. an rue bin, ktvu channel 2 news. >> middle and high school students in oakland today began
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viewing the dock meantly bully. last week san francisco students saw the viewing. it's part of a broad effort to address the issue of bullying. the documentary --. the national soor welcomes a new addition. coming up why a panda came as something of a surprise. and our chief meteorologist says there's a hint of fall in the air tonight. we'll have that plus how warm it should get tomorrow.
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. san francisco sunset district had to take a small detour as crews finished up repairs on a water mane break. a one inch line sprung a leak there on ninth avenue between ortega. repair work is wrapping upright now and we're told the leak affected just one household. . earl jer on channel 2 talked about a cooling trend. there is a difference in the air. >> big difference cht getting close to fall there. temperatures today they dipped 5 to 10 degrees and tonight they're going to dip further. these were the actual recorded highs today. they're down from yesterday by, 5 or 10 degrees. livermore was down a solid 10 degrees. 78 degrees there today. highs tomorrow are going to be about the say. no big change.
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overnight low tonight, 45 in santa row sa. 45 in napa, 50 in pacifica. 51 in congress cord, 49 in fairfield. that's jacket weather. maybe warm up the car. put the heater on. we're getting to the point it's going to start being in the 40s in the overnight lows. as we head into tomorrow, a day just like today. the fog is around at the coast now. try to fill back in tonight. if you had nothing this morning you'll probably see it tomorrow morning. the fog should burn off and then we'll be back with temperatures like we had today. this high pressure center is struggling with this low pressure center. this low is going to win out tomorrow. it actually won out today. it's going to win out tomorrow. that's why this cooler air is having more of a push. hot up and ready today in fresno but right here where that cool air is shooting through the golden gate bridge through the gap here temperatures are staying on the mild side. low 80s.
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around the bay mid 70s. i think most of us will have temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees. along the coast upper 50s, low 60s. 82 in fairfield, 85 in clear lake or 75 in napa. forecast highs tomorrow looking pretty good. 65 in richmond so kind of cool especially around the bay. the fog clouds starts you off cool. 79 in pleasonton and 79 in danville. a lot of citys to show you here. spectacular time of year weather wise. perfect weather almost even along the coast. for tomorrow i suspect that low i showed you bumps up against the coast and kind of keeps things cool also going to have the ability to perhaps dish out the marine layer entirely and just clear the coast. i wouldn't be surprised tomorrow kind of like this afternoon we see plenty of coastal clearing. your five-day forecast right there shows a warmup as we head into your saturday but then cools down as you head into sunday. so a nice looking week ahead. fire danger reduced, not that high. the air quality going to be
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nice. . >> okay. we'll see you on the 10:00 news. thanks, bill. the national zoo pride panda is now a new mom. the giant panda gave birth late last night at the zoo in washington dc. the zoo made several attempts at artificial insemination. they say it's extremely hard to tell when a panda is pregnant even with an ultrasound. they weren't even 100% sure this time. mom and baby are bonding in their den. they will stay there for at least a week and then they'll both get a full checkup. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. tonight we're monitoring this occupy in san francisco. several hundred protesters have been on the move and we'll show you what they've been up to coming up at 10:00. we're always here for you at tmz is up next here on tv 36. [ chirps ]
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